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The Sustainable Energy Academy promotes education and action to reduce the carbon footprint of buildings and communities, networking with people and organisations at local level to achieve national impact.
The SEA’s Old Home Superhome programme was designed to help transform the UK’s existing housing stock. It is creating a nationwide network of exemplar, energy-efficient old dwellings that will be locally accessible to nearly everyone in the country.
ECO-REFURBISHMENT has been involved with the Sustainable Energy Academy from the start, and our showcase house in North London was one of the first buildings to be chosen by the organisation as an exemplar home.
In June 2009 the SEA was announced as winner of the Charity and Community Category at the prestigious Ashden Awards for Sustainable Energy, presented by the Prince of Wales. Read more about it here.

Parity Projects is a company that offers all the services required to reduce the environmental impact of existing buildings, and delivers eco-renovations for private individuals and owners of property portfolios.
Our practical and theoretical experience of eco-refurbishment is often put to use project-managing on Parity Projects sites.

3 Acorns Eco-Audits is an environmental auditing service for individuals, families and businesses, assessing their  current environmental practice and making proposals for improving it. As well as running ECO-REFURBISHMENT, Sarah Harrison works as an
eco-auditor for 3 Acorns charity eco-audit programme.  
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