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Who we are
The founder and principle consultant of ECO-REFURBISHMENT is Sarah Harrison. Having previously worked as a researcher, journalist and local government policy advisor, in 1995 she became the general manager of Construction Resources, the UK’s first ecological building centre.
Sarah says: ‘My involvement in building began in the 1970s when I was part of a small group who renovated a dilapidated Victorian house. By the time Construction Resources was set up, my interest in building and its impact on the environment had grown.
‘The new centre not only gave me direct experience of a major building project; it also brought me into contact with people at the forefront of thinking about how to create environmentally sound buildings. I became familiar with many ecological building materials and systems, including those that were then only available in Germany and Scandinavia.
‘I began to see how this technology could be used to bring our wonderful stock of Victorian and Edwardian buildings up to the environmental standards of new houses, and this led me to undertake the refurbishment of my own house. The project generated huge interest, and revealed a thirst for information and knowledge. I decided to focus my energies in this area, and founded Eco-refurbishment to provide practical advice to householders on transforming their own homes.’
ECO-REFURBISHMENT Personal and practical advice for creating a